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Have you been to the famous Jeonju Hanok Village? "한옥 [hanok]" refers to a traditional style of house that Koreans used to live in, and in the city of 전주, there is an area where you can see a lot of 한옥s and enjoy a variety of dishes. Hyunwoo went there on a family trip and in this video, he talks about what he liked about the place!

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Do you know how to correctly and naturally pronounce the member names of BTS (방탄소년단)? Here's a quick Korean Pronunciation Guide video for those who want to check! BTS has many members whose names are not native Korean names, but even those names can sound quite different when pronounced by Korean speakers.

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Do you know about the gift-giving culture during the Chuseok (harvest festival) holidays? Many people feel obliged to buy some gifts for their family and relatives, but many of those gifts available in stores have exaggerated packaging. Hear more about this in today's sample News In Korean article! If you subscribe to the series, you will receive 6 short articles a week along with audio recordings in various speeds. You can subscribe on our online bookstore at

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What Korean movie have you watched recently? In today's Story Time video,경화 선생님 talks about the Korean movie 베테랑 (Veteran Detective) and talks about some actors who star in the movie. Ready to practice listening? Jump right in!

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You can't avoid getting older as time goes by. In today's video, 경화 is asking 경은 about how she might feel when she becomes 30 years old. And here's today's comprehension question! What are some benefits of becoming older that 경은 mentions?

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