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Can you describe what you are wearing right now in Korean? In order to do that, you need to know the names for the most commonly worn items! Teacher Jooyeon will introduce those words to you in this video. You can read all the words and phrases in text format on our website: 
Various ways to say "wear" in Korean: 
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In last week's video, our friend Andreas Varsakopoulos taught teacher Jooyeon some Greek expressioons. This time, Jooyeon challenged Andreas with some Korean quiz questions! For more videos like this, please subscribe to our channel:


지난주에는 주연 선생님이 그리스 친구 안드레아스에게 간단한 그리스어를 배워 봤는데요, 이번주에는 반대로, 주연 선생님이 안드레아스에게 한국어 퀴즈를 내 보았습니다. 안드레아스는 과연 주연 선생님의 문제들을 잘 맞힐 수 있을까요? 


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