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This topic was requested by many TTMIK students! Teacher Hyunwoo explains how to talk to your in-laws in Korean, using proper titles and politeness levels.

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Get up to 15% off on all of our textbooks and e-books! (20 Feb - 28 Feb, 2017) 
If you follow some people who speak Korean on social media, there are some common hashtags that you must have come across. In today’s lesson, teacher 주연(Jooyeon) introduces some of the most commonly used hashtags and explains what they mean.
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In this video series, we introduce useful Korean words and phrases through compact one-minute lessons.

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A lot of people enjoy driving, but some people don’t. Kyeong-eun is one of those people. And she explains why she doesn’t particularly enjoy driving. This has been subtitled in both Korean and English for your Korean learning! 

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How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day in your country? In this bilingual culture chat, Goteng, Kyung-hwa and Emil sat down to talk about some differences between Korea and the UK in celebrating this somewhat commercial day and also to share some of their experiences.

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Not many people from Korea speak English, yet you can see so many signs and product names written in (often incorrect) English. If they are going through the trouble of looking up words and designing their permanent signboards with them, why not proofread them? That's because most signs in English are NOT for actual English speakers. Hyunwoo explains what that means.

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This is a compilation of 30 videos in our One-Minute Korean series. 

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We have received a lot of requests for Korean book recommendations. Here is Kyung-hwa's first book recommendation: 완득이 [wan-deu-gi] (or Punch). It has also been made into a movie featuring 유아인. It’s a young-adult coming-of-age novel that is relatively easy to read, and since the story in the movie is not that different from the original novel, watching the movie first can be a good way to make sure you understand the story in the book more effectively.

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