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The key to learning Korean is staying motivated enough to learn the language. At, we provide you free lessons, fun video shows, and a store section that will keep you motivated and meet your Korean learning needs.
We are extremely grateful for all the love and support we have received over the years. When we first started the site, our only focus was to just help people learn Korean; we didn’t have any products to sell or advertise. And as we started publishing more and more lessons, many people wanted to help us through donations. So instead of just taking donations, we decided to also offer some perks. 
But we’ve now reached a point where we are creating enough revenue through the sales of our various products and services that it doesn’t “feel right” to receive donations on top of making profits. Hence this video. 
Thank you very much everyone who has supported us through donations over the years, and also through spreading the word about what we do. You are truly awesome.
We will continue working hard! 정말 감사합니다!
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