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The key to learning Korean is staying motivated enough to learn the language. At, we provide you free lessons, fun video shows, and a store section that will keep you motivated and meet your Korean learning needs.
From animal-themed coffee shops to cafes where you can make things, you can find a wide variety of coffee shops in Korea. Kyeong-eun will tell you about it, at a slow pace. You can also take our new video course with 6 stories in it and learn through detailed explanations! 
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This video course is for beginner learners who want to improve their vocabulary and intermediate learners who want to improve their Korean listening/reading comprehension and understanding of complex sentence structures.
Inside the course, you will listen to 6 interesting stories that are told at a relatively slow pace, and then in each of the lesson videos that accompany the stories, all the sentences will be broken down and explained in detail.
▷▶︎ The topics for the stories ◀︎◁
Story 1: 김밥 - Gimbap (Picnic Food)
Story 2: 카페 - Cafe
Story 3: 학원 - Cram School
Story 4: 생일 - Birthday
Story 5: 배달 음식 - Delivery Food
Story 6: 유행 -Trends
The course contains 6 story videos in Korean (with Korean and English subtitles in closed captions), 6 lesson videos (about 30 minutes long each) and an e-book where you can read the complete set of transcripts and translations.
Take the course now here:
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How often do you listen to something in Korean and repeat it out loud? It is a very good way to practice speaking and to get yourself ready for your next real-life Korean-speaking situation. We know that a lot of our students like to listen to audio material while they are on the go, and we just finished working on our first “Listen & Repeat” course, based on our popular book, The Korean Verbs Guide.

Get the audio course here:
How to use the audio course:
(It’s very simple. Just listen and repeat!)
Listen to each track and repeat everything out loud. You will be given a pause for each word and phrase. After hearing the English portion for each phrase, try saying the Korean translation before you hear the correct pronunciation by a native speaker. We recommend that you listen to everything at least twice over, so that you can say everything as comfortably and confidently as possible.

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Some people say that there are 2 stomachs, one for your meal and one for dessert. Which of the TTMIK teachers has a separate dessert stomach? Tune in to today’s episode of Iyagi Season 2 where Kyunghwa and Jooyeon discuss desserts and snacks, which desserts they like and which they don’t, and their experience with foreign desserts. Do you know all of the desserts they name? What are some common desserts in your country? Which sweet treat is your favorite?

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