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For our intermediate learners, we have begun a new series of intermediate Korean lessons! This first lesson covers the phrase 귀신이 곡할 노릇이다. What could this strange phrase mean? Why would a ghost cry? Kyeong-eun and Kyung-hwa explain it using only Korean, with *only* Korean subtitles! So keep your ears open and follow along for a deeper understanding of this idiomatic phrase.

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인생샷?! What the heck does that mean?! Cassie explains this phrase, which is associated with a famous meme in Korea, and how it is used in daily conversations. Have you seen it in use before? Did you guess the meaning of this expression correctly?

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A: Why do you keep jumping around like that?
B: I’m just so happy. This cake is so good, it’s blowing my mind.
A: Really? Let me try some.
B: DON’T TOUCH MY CAKE. Here, you can have this bread instead.
A: Thanks……..
Which of these words were covered in today’s Q&A?

The questions Hyunwoo answered are:
- What is  the difference between 건드리다 and 만지다?

- What does  기가 막히다 mean?

- What is the difference between 내 and 나의 ?
-In which context does 뛰다 mean run or jump?
- What is the difference between 고마워요 and 감사합니다?

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In today’s Q&A Hyunwoo answers a very popular question: what is 막?
But wait….doesn’t he usually answer 4 questions? What happened?! Well, 막 has so many meanings and nuances, Hyunwoo thought it best to dedicate a whole episode to it! We hope this was helpful for you!

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