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A: Ugh! My character died again!
B: Are you playing on story mode or on multiplayer?
A: Multiplayer.
B: I told you, the people on there are too good. You can’t win.
A: I know...I didn’t expect it to be this bad though.
B: Stop playing games and go outside. The sun is up, it’s a nice day.
Which of these words were covered in today’s Q&A?

The questions Hyunwoo answered are:
- What is  the difference between 사망하다 and 죽다?
- What is the difference between 혹은 and 아니면?
- What is the difference between 기대하다 and 예상하다?

- What is the difference between 해 and 태양?

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How do you say “That's LIT!” in Korean? Teacher Seokjin will introduce this very useful phrase to you in today’s video. You can watch more one-minute lessons here:

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