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Many Korean verbs have multiple meanings and usages, and 시키다 is no exception. In this video lesson by Talk To Me In Korean, you can learn how to use 시키다 in various contexts through realistic sample sentences.
피자를 시키다 to order pizza
짜장면을 시키다 to order black bean noodles
도시락을 시키다 to order a lunchbox
아까 피자를 시켰어요. I ordered pizza earlier.
지금 피자를 시켜요. I order pizza now.
청소를 시키다 to have (someone) clean
심부름을 시키다 to have (someone) do errands
아까 선생님이 청소를 시켰어요. Earlier my teacher had me clean.
선생님이 청소를 시켜요. My teacher has me clean.
이따가 선생님이 청소를 시킬 거예요. Later, my teacher will have me clean.
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