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Many Korean verbs have multiple meanings and usages, and 먹다 is no exception. In this video lesson by Talk To Me In Korean, you can learn how to use 먹다 in various contexts through realistic sample sentences.
밥을 먹다 eat a meal
약을 먹다 take medicine
과자를 먹다 eat snacks
밥 먹었어요? Have you eaten?
약 먹어요. Take medicine.
과자 먹을 거예요. I am going to eat snacks.
마음 먹었어요. I made up my mind.
독하게 마음 먹어요. Steel yourself. (Make up your mind with a firm resolve.)
독하게 마음 먹을 거예요. I will steel myself.
나이를 먹다 to age, to get older
저 나이 정말 많이 먹었어요. I’ve gotten quite old.
네 살 먹은 아이예요. He/she is a four-year-old kid.
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