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Many Korean verbs have multiple meanings and usages, and 쓰다 is no exception. In this video lesson by Talk To Me In Korean, you can learn how to use 쓰다 in various contexts through realistic sample sentences.



편지를 썼어요. I wrote a letter.
칠판에 글씨를 써요. I write on the chalkboard.
여기에 제 이름을 쓸 거예요. I will write my name here.

추워서 모자를 썼어요. It is cold so I wore a hat.
마스크를 써요. I wore a mask.
안경을 쓸 거예요. I will wear glasses.
비가 와서 우산을 써요. It’s raining so I use an umbrella.

약이 정말 써요. Medicine is really bitter.
이 차는 쓴 맛이 나요. This tea has a bitter flavor.
약이 조금 쓸 거예요.The medicine will be a little bitter.

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