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Many Korean verbs have multiple meanings and usages, and 들다 is no exception. In this video lesson by Talk To Me In Korean, you can learn how to use 들다 in various contexts through realistic sample sentences.



고개를 들었어요. I raised my head.
손을 들어요. I raise my hand.
짐을 들었어요. I lifted my luggage.

시간이 들다. To take time.
돈이 들다. To take money.
힘이 들다. To take energy.

시간이 많이 들었어요.It takes lot of time.
돈이 들어요. It takes money.
힘이 아주 많이 들 거예요. It will take a whole lot of energy.
그 사람 정말 마음에 들었어요. I really like that person.
이 지갑 마음에 들어요. I like this wallet.
별로 마음에 안 들어요. I don’t really like it.

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