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Many Korean verbs have multiple meanings and usages, and 잡다 is no exception. In this video lesson by Talk To Me In Korean, you can learn how to use 잡다 in various contexts through realistic sample sentences.



아기가 내 손을 잡았어요.

The baby held my hand.

손잡이를 꼭 잡아요.

Hold on to the handrail.

밧줄을 잡고 올라가요.

Hold the rope and go up.

도둑을 잡다

to catch a thief

나비를 잡다

to catch a butterfly

벌레를 잡다

to catch a bug

도둑을 잡았어요.

I caught the thief.

나비를 잡아요.

I catch butterflies.

기회를 잡다
to seize an opportunity

직장을 잡다

to get a job

드디어 기회를 잡았어요.

I finally got an opportunity.

방을 잡아요.

Get an apartment.

직장을 빨리 잡을 거예요.

I will quickly get a job.

날짜를 잡다

to set a date

자리를 잡다

to get a seat


결혼식 날짜를 잡았어요.

I set a date for the wedding.

자리를 빨리 잡아요.

Hurry and grab a seat.

택시를 잡다
to grab a taxi


택시를 잡아요.

Hail a taxi.

택시 잡기 힘들었어요.

It was difficult to grab a taxi.

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