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Korean verbs come at the very end of sentences, so without knowing how to conjugate a certain verb into appropriate tenses, you can’t complete your Korean sentences. We hope you find this video useful and also check out our Korean Verbs Guide book and Listen & Repeat Audio Course on our store!

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Verbs introduced in this video:
0:37 가다 to go
1:29 오다 to come
2:01 하다 to do
2:32 먹다 to eat
3:08 보다 to look, to see
3:43 자다 to sleep
4:14 사다 to buy
4:46 일어나다 to wake up
5:42 입다 to wear, to put on
5:57 있다 to be there, to have, to exist
6:32 없다 to be not there, to not have, to not exist
7:08 쉽다 to be easy
7:41 어렵다 to be difficult
8:20 춥다 to be cold
8:55 덥다 to be hot
9:32 귀엽다 to be cute
10:08 좋다 to like
10:39 싸다 to be cheap
11:11 비싸다 to be expensive
11:44 만나다 to meet
12:16 놀다 to play, to hang out
12:50 웃다 to smile, to laugh
13:22 물어보다 to ask
13:57 읽다 to read
14:30 듣다 to listen, to hear
15:00 만들다 to make
15:32 기다리다 to wait
16:07 알다 to know
16:39 모르다 to not know
17:12 배우다 to learn


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