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The key to learning Korean is staying motivated enough to learn the language. At, we provide you free lessons, fun video shows, and a store section that will keep you motivated and meet your Korean learning needs.

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This video course is based on the book Easy Korean Reading For Beginners and in the lessons included in the course, we break down every single line and explain all the little details for you. You can learn a lot of detailed information and how each sentence is formed by watching the video lessons.



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We are very excited to show you our new website. We have been working tirelessly for the past several months to bring you a better system and platform where you can learn Korean more efficiently. The new site is based on the two major concepts: Learning Center and Curriculum. The Learning Center is where you add all the materials you want to study with, and Curriculum is where you find what to study next. Every time you come back to the site, you will know exactly what you have been studying with and where to go next.

The site is very new, so please understand that some minor bugs might be found here and there. Your feedback will be very much appreciated in terms of how we can improve the site even further! We have a lot of new features coming to the site over the next few months, so please stay connected!

톡투미인코리안의 새로운 웹사이트가 드디어 문을 열었습니다. 지난 몇달 동안 정말 열심히 준비한 웹사이트인데요, 여러분이 한국어를 더 효과적으로 공부할 수 있도록 많은 공을 들여서 만들었어요. 기본적으로 러닝센터(Learning Center)와 커리큘럼(Curriculum)이라는 두 가지 개념을 토대로 구성된 사이트예요. 여러분이 공부를 하기 위해서 ‘추가’한 학습 콘텐츠는 모두 러닝센터에서 찾으실 수 있고, 새로운 학습 콘텐츠는 커리큘럼에서 검색해서 추가할 수 있습니다. 앞으로도 새로운 기능들이 많이 추가될 예정이니 많은 이용 부탁드려요!


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