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Do you know how to say “new” in Korean? If you only know 새 (which has the same spelling and pronunciation as the word for “bird”), there are actually two more that you need to know about: 새로운 and 새로.

Here are the examples used in this video:
새 집 a new house
새로 지은 집 a newly built house
오래된 집 an old house
오래된 컴퓨터 an old computer
새 컴퓨터 a new computer
새로워요. It’s new.
이거 새로워요. This is new and fresh.
새로운 접근 approach
새로운 시각 new perspective
새로운 방식/방법 new method
새 친구 new friend
새로 사귄 친구 a friend that I newly made
새 책 a new book
새로 받은 책 a book that I newly received
새 맛집 a new good restaurant
새로 찾은 맛집 a good restaurant that I newly discovered

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