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Learn 30 essential Korean adjectives through commonly used collocation examples. You can also add the free 30-part video course to your learning center on our website where you can practice saying the words!

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List of Words
1. 큰 big
2. 작은 small
3. 먼 far
4. 가까운 close
5. 쉬운 easy
6. 어려운 difficult
7. 추운 cold
8. 더운 hot
9. 귀여운 cute
10. 좁은 narrow
11. 넓은 spacious, broad
12. 늦은 late
13. 싼 cheap
14. 비싼 expensive
15. 아픈 sick
16. 느린 slow
17. 빠른 fast, quick
18. 같은 same
19. 예쁜 pretty
20. 좋은 good
21. 많은 much, many
22. 적은 few, little
23. 얇은 thin
24. 두꺼운 thick
25. 깨끗한 clean
26. 더러운 dirty
27. 밝은 bright
28. 어두운 dark
29. 긴 long
30. 짧은 short


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This video course is for upper-beginner and intermediate learners who want to improve their Korean listening comprehension skills while listening to interesting conversations. After taking this 30-part course, you will not only be able to learn a lot of very useful Korean phrases, but also gain new perspectives about various cultural aspects of Korea.

Enjoy the natural conversations between Kyeong-eun and Andreas

Our very own Kyeong-eun sat down with Andreas from Greece, who is a well-known TV personality here in Korea as well as a professor at a university in Seoul, to talk about 30 interesting and relatable topics. The conversations are about 15 minutes long each, and there are 30 of them included in the course.

You can listen to the conversations with or without subtitles in Korean or English, and download PDF lesson notes containing the full transcript and translation for each conversation.


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We sat down with our friend Sean to ask him some questions about how he learned Korean and the kind of content he is creating for his YouTube channel.

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In this video lesson, Hyunwoo explains the difference between 화나다 and 화내다, as well as the basic difference between other similar sets of expressions like the following:
시간이 나다 vs. 시간을 내다
짜증 나다 vs. 짜증 내다
혼나다 vs. 혼내다
힘이 나다 vs. 힘을 내다


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How much do you know about North Korea? We ourselves don’t know much, either, so this was a very interesting interview for us, too!

Watch our previous video with Joseph (North Korean Language Challenge)


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